What are the only senses that haunted houses do not attack? ...Taste and Smell !!! We are here to help you with one of those.

Imagine walking into a forest where you actually smell evergreen and pine trees. You wander through the forest and see a fallen tree; as you approach it smells like rotten wood, every step you take the smell of the decaying leaves rises from the ground. Every day we go through real life and smells are all around us. From fresh flowers in the spring to leaves in the fall. All of us relate to scents, good and bad. In our haunts we strive to give our customers the best, or worst, feelings they could imagine. As haunters we give our patrons the sounds of fear, the look of fear, and feel of fear in the textures we create around them.

Now add to that the detail of scent. Sinister scents can provide that experience, and work with you to bring the scent of your Haunted House to life.

As Us About..

  • The smell of dirt in your cometary
  • Cotton candy in your killer clown room
  • Burning electric for the industrial scene
  • Ocean air for your pirate attraction
  • Musty smell for your dungeon
  • Foul breathe for your ghastly prop
The possibilities are endless!

Sinister scents Introduces Something New ... Scent Pouches!

In the past we brought you scented oils. They work great and many are happy with them. But as with your haunt, Sinister Scents is always to move forward with detail. Our new line brings you the same great dimension of smell for your event.

With our distribution boxes and scent cannons you can easily give patrons an experience they will not forget. Our new Scent Beads are packaged into pouches. Those pouches are then placed in our distribution boxes. Distribution boxes can scent from 100 to 1500 square feet. Scent pouches can also be placed in our scent cannons that can force direction of smell or be used with your animation to have a zombie open it's mouth and breathe the smell of death on your customer and quickly dissipate.

Sinister Scents
The fourth dimension of detail in your event.