Volunteering Can Be the Most Reward Work You’ll Ever Do

Some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done has been volunteering with non-profit organizations. Although I work long days at my job and have family obligations on weekends, I still find time to volunteer. This work makes me feel like I am doing something good for the world around me.

You may hear about an organization that is doing something you think is a good idea. A group many be planning to visit a local hospital on Christmas to cheer up the people who are sick or bring toys to hospitalized children. Some groups help build houses for the poor, or feed the hungry. Getting involved and working with an organization that helps people in need can give you a feeling of true accomplishment.

My first non-profit experience when I was in high school, as a volunteer with the American Red Cross. I needed a community service activity for graduation, so I spent a few hours a week helping at a local nursing home. the majority of the people there had medical needs that required a nurse while others just couldn’t take care of themselves without help. Most had families that lived far away, so they had few visitors. Having somebody to talk to always made them happy, and they always appreciated the time I took to speak with them. I got to know about their lives, and soon many were almost like Aunts and Uncles. When I went to college, I would visit them when I was home for vacations. Making people smile and knowing you have had a positive impact on someone’s life can be more rewarding than any paycheck – scaring people.

I have been involved in other non-profit organizations like the American Cancer Society, which sponsors medical research. I have helped raise money to help rebuild homes after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, and seen photos taken by a friend who volunteered to do some of the reconstruction. My wife volunteers with the school PTA, and helps run programs to enrich our children’s school. Not only do the children benefit, she also gets to know the other mothers from our neighborhood. I have met new friends through non-profit organizations, some of which have lasted many years and broadened past our involvement in the organization.

These are just some of the ways that getting involved with a non-profit organization can be satisfying. Sometimes you can see an immediate impact from non-profit work, and sometimes it is more of a long-term goal. Imagine if you helped raise money for medical research that led to a cure for cancer! One of the reasons I continue to donate my time is to help these organizations that I feel I am helping to make the world a better place for everyone, including me.