Safety for Your Halloween Haunted House

  • Lighting the Way

    Lighting should be a key design consideration for a Halloween house haunt. Different varieties of lighting can directly affect your design’s impact.

    Lighting should primarily serve a safety function. Your Halloween house haunt should have a clearly lit path to follow. Shadows can be a scary, but can also pose a risk to visitors.

    Place flood lights aimed low to the ground to illuminate the path to your house. The lights should stay low to brighten the yard without hurting anyone’s eyes. Make sure, above all else, you have a working, bright bulb in front of your door.

  • Watch for Electrical Wires

    Halloween house haunts can be made truly special with the inclusion of speciality lighting, sound, and fog effects. Safety considerations should be made to protect the wires.

    Keep the wires as flat as possible. Place them as far away from visitors as possible. Tape down cables that cross a hard path wherever possible.

    Make sure the plugs are covered. Even if it’s not raining, the moisture on the ground can pose a significant risk of electrical shock. Always use outdoor appropriate extension cables and lighting, sound, and special effects equipment. It can also be a good idea to cover connected plugs with electrical or duct tape.

  • Keep your Props Safe

    If you make your own props, account for safety in your Halloween house haunt design. Any exposed wood should be sanded down. Nothing should be made with a sharp edge. Position lights in front of low sitting props to reduce the risk of falls.

    Above all else, do not incorporate any potentially dangerous items in your Halloween house haunt design. Do not include any glass, fragile items, or sharp objects in the yard. If Halloween props pose a potential risk, install some kind of barrier to keep any visitors away.


Always account for safety in your Halloween house haunt designs. No theme is worth posing a risk to trick or theaters when it comes time to celebrate. As long as the yard is well lit, electrical connections are kept as far away as possible, and all potentially dangerous items are properly accounted for, you can ensure a fun time for everyone who visits on Halloween.

Spirits of New Mexico

The Lodge, in Cloudcroft New Mexico
Has a beautiful red-haired flirtatious ghost.
The beautiful Rebecca was brutally murdered
By a jealous lumberjack in nineteen thirty.
Dozens of employees and many of the guests
Have seen red-haired Rebecca in a long dress
She is mischievous and plays with the phone
She specially likes the phone in Room 101

She enjoys moving small things around
Anything small that guests leave about
In the Red Dog Saloon, a place she admires
She plays with the fireplace, creating fire

The psychic flames actually represent
A sexual power in this spirit so content
Many times, her apparition will call
And she loves to wander down the halls.

On a mountain, elevation is 9,000 feet
This big three story Inn is said to be.
Located in Cloudcroft on Hwy eighty two
The red-haired beauty is waiting for you.