Haunted Local Folklore
Legends in Wyoming

Do you believe in ghosts? Many residents of Wyoming have made reports of seeing, feeling, hearing and being touched by those beyond the grave.

Casper, Wyoming

Patrons of the Ivy House Inn have claimed that while staying at the Inn, their car alarms would unexplainably and repeatedly go off. Many of these guests have also claimed to see small shadows race by, have personal items moved when their backs were turned, see pictures fall off of the wall for no reason and were awakened by the feeling that someone was standing over them in the middle of the night.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

In the underground tunnels of Cheyenne, many have said that they heard heavy footsteps behind them and disembodied voices nearby when no person could be seen.

Ethete, Wyoming

At Blue Sky Hall, reports of fast moving, glowing orbs have been made. Also, people have claimed to see lights go on and off when no living person could have been responsible.

Green River, Wyoming

At the Sweetwater Court House, many have claimed to see a black mass appear and move quickly past the windows. Some female persons have reported feeling someone lightly touch their hair or hearing a voice whisper close to their ear. Many here have also claimed to feel “spooked” or unreasonably afraid.

Upton, Wyoming

At the empty site of a former (apparently haunted) high School, many have claimed to hear moaning and whispers when no other living person was present. When the school still stood, faculty members and students reported items falling off of shelves, chairs falling over unexplainably and disembodied footsteps in the stairwells with photos.

So, I ask you again, do you believe in ghosts? For many people the answer is no, but I can tell you from my own experiences that there is good reason to believe.

Spirits of Wyoming

In eighteen ninety three Sheridan Inn opened
This Inn once belonged to Buffalo Bill Cody
A lady who lived there for sixty five years
Now haunts this Inn, because she’s still here
Kate Arnold lived there on the third floor
Her room is still preserved like it was before
Her ashes were interred in her bedroom wall
Her spirit still walks up and down the halls.

Sometimes she’s “felt” as just a cold spot
Sometimes her footsteps are all they’ve got
Walking so softly throughout this Inn
To the ballroom, bedroom, then back again

Perhaps the reason she stays around
Is because she wasn’t put in the ground
Or maybe it’s because she likes it here
Whatever the reason, she’s always near.

If you’re in north Wyoming, on Hwy 14
Drop by and see her at the Sheridan Inn,
She’s always there, both night and day
She won’t be leaving, this lady named Kate.